• Château La Bouade

  • Syrupy wines of Sauternes et Barsac

    Le Château La Bouade produces exclusively syrupy wines of Sauternes and Barsac :
    Château La Bouade | Cuvée Coccinelle | Clos Mercier
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Sauternes | AOC Barsac Château La Bouade : A story of passion, respect and innovation

Passion is for the power of inspiration and the desire to create an excellent wine. Respect is for progressing in harmony with traditions and nature. Innovation is for adapting history, traditions and know-how to today’s lifestyle and needs.

  • Château La Bouade : SAUTERNES BARSAC wines - dare to be different !

    Give your senses a treat.
    Taste and Innovate !

    Our Sauternes wines can be enjoyed between 10 and 12° and are perfect for any occasion:As an aperitif with tapas...
    An ideal accompaniment for oysters, seafood, fish, white meat and any spicy dish. Also perfect with cheese (ewe’s cheese, goat’s cheese, blue cheese). For dessert with fresh or dried fruits, tarts and sorbets...
  • Château La Bouade
    Our appellations and our wines

    Two exceptional appellations can be found about forty kilometres south of Bordeaux: Barsac and Sauternes.
    Château La Bouade is located on the outskirts of the village of Barsac, beside the D1113 road that runs alongside the Garonne river.
    The vineyard covers 16 ha around the Château and 4 ha in “Haut Barsac”: Le Clos Mercier. Château La Bouade produces only sweet white wines.

    Three different wines are available:
    Château La Bouade – Cuvée Coccinelle:
    AOC Sauternes / 100% Sémillon / A good food wine for any occasion
    Château La Bouade – Cuvée Château:
    AOC Sauternes / Blend of Sauvignon and Sémillon / A traditional Sauternes ideal for aging
    Clos Mercier:
    AOC Barsac / Sémillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle / The prestigious cuvée vinified in small volumes, only produced during excellent years.

  • The history of Château La Bouade

    Fondation in 1800
    In 1914, the Pauly family bought the property which at the time covered 8 ha of vineyards. In 1990, the Pauly heirs appointed a manager to keep the property running
    In January 2009, the Pauly family appointed two new managers to head the family property: Stéphane Wagrez (winemaker at the Château since 2005) and Olivier Fargues (vineyard manager in Sauternes since 2000). Today, the vineyard extends over 20 ha and the Château has established its identity. La Bouade comes from Old French: la bovade. Under the Ancien Régime, la bovade was a medieval chore due to the landlord, transporting the harvest with a pair of oxen and a cart.
  • Harvesting

    Harvesting is done by hand, successively selecting the grapes that have been affected by botrytis, also known as « noble rot ».
    Winemaking takes place in our cellars. All our wines are fully or partially matured in oak casks.
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Les vins La Bouade

Les Vins La Bouade

Château La Bouade, Cuvée Coccinelle et Clos Mercier

Stéphane Wagrez et Olivier Fargues

Olivier Fargues
Stéphane Wagrez

Les Vins de Sauternes & Barsac les plus Fun de la planète !

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